Acupuncture treatment

Western science has been researching acupuncture for years and the work continues. We know that acupuncture effects the brain, nerves, hormones, and circulation. Acupuncture relaxes muscle spasms, relieves migraine headaches, soothes fibromyalgia pain, improves depression and anxiety. To learn more about what acupuncture can treat see the health issues page.

Traditionally acupuncture effects the flow of “Qi” (pronounced chee) in the body. Qi flows through the body regulating organs and the flow of blood. Qi rises and flows on the surface of the body through acupuncture channels or meridians. Each channel associates with an internal organ and body function. Acupuncture points are along the channels. Unobstructed flow of Qi through the channels preserves good health. Illness, pain, or trauma interrupt the flow of Qi. An acupuncturist uses traditional diagnosis to decide what acupuncture points and techniques are best to restore the flow of Qi and therefore good health.

It is an exciting time as research reveals how this ancient technique influences the bodies own capacity to heal. Acupuncture can treat a wide variety of conditions. See the questions section for more information about acupuncture. If you have specific issues you would like to address please contact Health Wise Acupuncture.