Acupuncture Medicare Action

I would like to encourage you all to sign a White House e-petition to include acupuncturists as recognized health providers under the Social Security Act.  Not being  a recognized provider I cannot bill Medicare and Medicare participants cannot get coverage for acupuncture. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of Medicare and being a provider will probably be a paperwork nightmare but I believe it’s the right thing to do.  There are so many seniors and other Medicare recipients who would benefit from acupuncture who cannot afford even a small payment. This a barrier to care that is effective with little to no side effects. I know many of you have loved ones who are on multiple drugs to manage pain and the side effects are just as devastating to their life as the pain. They need an alternative to care that may offer relief and a better quality of life. Please take a minute and follow the link below to sign the petition. The petition must have 25,000 signatures by February 10th.


White House Petition for Medicare coverage of acupuncture.


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