Herbal Medicine

chinese herbalsChinese herbs can be used for a wide variety of health problems. The ingredients of Chinese medicine products include plant, mineral, and some animal material. Herbs are applied topically, cooked in water to make medicinal teas, extracted in alcohol to make tinctures and formed into pills. Pills and teas are the most common way of taking herbs.

Today there are concerns about the safety of herbal medicines. Reports in the media about inappropriate use of commonly available herbs with dangerous results scare the public. A trained herbalist understands the use of medicinal herbs. Health Wise Acupuncture chooses herbal formulas for their safety and effectiveness.

Whether you are suffering from a cold or flu or seeking ancillary care for cancer therapy Chinese herbal medicine has something to offer. Some common questions about herbal medicines follow:

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Do the herbs taste bad?

It is common that herbal formulas brewed into teas have bitter qualities. Many patients dislike making and drinking teas. Often the same formula is available in a pill form that relieves the problems associated with bitter tastes.

How long do I have to take the herbs?

Every condition is unique. It will vary based on the case. Sometimes a patient will take a formula for a short time, for instance when the herbs are used to combat a cold. On the other hand more complex and chronic cases may call for treatment where a patient takes herbs for several months.

Are herbs expensive?

Herbs are a cost-effective treatment. Herbals are far less expensive than many prescription medications.

Do you use endangered species?

Health Wise Acupuncture avoids the use of endangered species and encourages other practitioners to do the same.