New website!

HWAHPI’m very pleased to debut the new site.  I hope you find it easy to use.  My goal is to have some fun with the blog and my readers. The topics will be wide-ranging and focus on healthy living. Please let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by.

6 Responses to “New website!”

  1. MK Says:

    The website works very well. I checked all the pages. My favorite is the sequence of office photos. Having visited you recently I think the photos do a great job of showing the warmth of your office setting. That is consistent with the warmth of your care. Bravo on the website.

    Do you have other photos of the outside as seen from street level? Approaching from both directions? For my appointment the other day I almost missed the office because I was not familiar with the look of the building at street level.

    Thanks for the great treatment of my back. I am much better and look forward to getting even better. See you soon.

  2. Michael Says:

    Thanks for the feedback! I posted a photo of the building from the street on the “Find Us” page.

  3. Jenna Benson Jenna Benson Says:

    Michael, Congrats on your new website! I love it!

  4. Michael Says:

    Thanks I’m glad to have it up. Please let me know if you see anything that could be improved.

  5. Vickie Augustine Vickie Augustine Says:

    Nice job Michael

  6. Michael Says:

    Thanks Vickie!

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